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As many of my patients know, I am keen on good gut health (read Gut by Giulia Enders) and I often suggest taking a daily probiotic to improve gut health and increase immunity (75 to 80% of our immunity lies in our gut). But, if you are investing in those expensive probiotics, do bear in mind you need to filter your water. Chlorine added to our drinking water can destroy helpful “good” gut bacteria much like antibiotics do. See Gut Health Project for more details. So, do filter your water, very important.

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 Overuse of antibiotics is destroying our natural microbes, argues Martin Blaser.

Scientist Martin Blaser argues that we are suffering from new wave of ‘modern plagues’ such as obesity and asthma because we have destroyed the naturally occurring bacteria in our bodies.
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Holistic handI have just qualified as a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor. This means I can offer professional dietary and lifestyle advice and suggest changes that could benefit people ancd their health. Our diet and what we eat, drink and how we  exercise can be a way that we can help ourselves and empower our own health. Homeopathy is a good addition when we get stuck or our vitality takes a knock from lifes stresses and strains.

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I have come to understand that to be fully healthy in all respects at some point you have to address your diet and exercise. In this respect I have started a Naturopathic nutrition course and quote the following from Hippocrates:

For me, the best exercise in the world is my lifelong love of Tai Chi Chuan.  Tai Chi is vitalistic in nature much like Homeopathy treatment. It always astounds me that people don’t understand the vitalistic nature of true medicine as everyone can feel when their vitality drops or does not feel normal when they are ill.

So, for me there is the triumvirate of health: Homeopathy, Nutrition and Tai Chi.