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Check out the research page of the Socety of Homeopaths to find out the latest research into Homeopathy.

The Society has derided the publicity stunt by the so called ‘Good Thinking Society’ led by Simon Singh in which they attacked public funding for homeopathy. Traipsing around the media studios on Friday morning, Singh was pressing for homeopathy to be added to the NHS blacklist – known formally as Schedule 1 – of drugs that cannot be prescribed by GPs.

It soon became clear that, after this pressure group threatened to take their case to the courts, Ministers had caved in and had decided to conduct a consultation.

Miranda Parsons, Chair of the Society of Homeopaths, was critical of the government’s capitulation.  ‘It seems unfortunate the government should cave in to a very small pressure group with opaque funding, that seems to have little respect for the evidence or patient choice.  79% of the population are open to homeopathy and 15% have used it*.  Any ’savings’ on homeopathic medicine are relatively small (£110,000) and would be more than eaten up by increasing the demands on the NHS for other more expensive drugs or interventions. People like Mr Singh show no interest in patient choice and have no understanding of the excellent work that medical and professional homeopaths do, day in and day out.’

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