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It seems to me that the more I practice Homeopathy the more I come to realise that the process of healing or becoming well, involves being more of who we really are. Many patients after successful treatment say it is like coming back to themselves – some say their old selves but often JUngit sounds like a new self to me. Homeopathy is holistic therapy and the remedies prescribed for even physical ailments work on the emotional and mental levels concurrently. It all begs the question, what is this essential self that I am contacting or becoming and how would they like me to live my life from now on? What changes can I make to do this?

The new (old) self might want to live a different way and again, anotherĀ part of the healing process is listening to ourselves; listening to our bodies and what they have to say, listening to self. When feeling better we are often able then to listen beyond ourselves and appreciate those around us and our environment, nature, something that is difficult to do when we are suffering. Though suffering too can bring us into the moment. I am always drawn to William Blake:

“Joy and woe are woven fine, a clothing for the soul divine”

And perhaps this expresses best what we are about when we regain a sense of self and a sense that we are on the right path within our life. That we can enjoy the moment and that we can listen and hear ourselves – that we become moreĀ of who we are meant to be.




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