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This is my personal view, I might add from the start. Occasionally, I like to write something positive to combat the negativity in the press about Homeopathy. I actually think you won’t “prove” Homeopathy using double blind clinical trials (exception being maybe Arnica and trauma) because that it only helpful with medicines based on the medical Law of Opposites. Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars and is holistic – we can use that law to treat a totality of symptoms with one remedy rather than a drug for this symptom and a drug for that symptom. We can treat the person not just the disease  and for each complaint we have thousands of remedies to choose from to match a unique individual. So, to my mind clinical trials on one Homeopathic medicine prove little. The critics say that must mean Homeopathy is a placebo but as most people know Homeopathy works on animals and children (ask the organic dairy farmers!) and so cannot be. Our studies, our evidence is experiential – like the massive longitudinal study done at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital with over 70% improvements in people who had already been through the NHS before arriving there. I recently asked a roomful of people in a talk I gave – when did a drug from the Doctor ever cure anything? Silence. Modern medicine is wonderful in many many ways (think new limbs, transplants etc) but Homeopathic medicine is in my opinion very different to modern drug therapy as it works on a different law of medicine allowing holistic treatment and the possibility of cure rather than palliation.

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Check out the research page of the Socety of Homeopaths to find out the latest research into Homeopathy.

The Society has derided the publicity stunt by the so called ‘Good Thinking Society’ led by Simon Singh in which they attacked public funding for homeopathy. Traipsing around the media studios on Friday morning, Singh was pressing for homeopathy to be added to the NHS blacklist – known formally as Schedule 1 – of drugs that cannot be prescribed by GPs.

It soon became clear that, after this pressure group threatened to take their case to the courts, Ministers had caved in and had decided to conduct a consultation.

Miranda Parsons, Chair of the Society of Homeopaths, was critical of the government’s capitulation.  ‘It seems unfortunate the government should cave in to a very small pressure group with opaque funding, that seems to have little respect for the evidence or patient choice.  79% of the population are open to homeopathy and 15% have used it*.  Any ’savings’ on homeopathic medicine are relatively small (£110,000) and would be more than eaten up by increasing the demands on the NHS for other more expensive drugs or interventions. People like Mr Singh show no interest in patient choice and have no understanding of the excellent work that medical and professional homeopaths do, day in and day out.’

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RoseHip BarnNuture body, mind and soul with a sumptious blend of Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong and Breathwork. Led by experienced practitioners including Phil Wright and Di Stewart. The weekend will culminate with a Gong Bath to imerse your senses in sound and leave you feeling uterly blissed out in relaxation.
10am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday
£40 per day or £75 for the weekend.
Accommodation available from £20 per person.
Booking essential
Call Gemma on 07813 111198 for more details

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PARAPIC1Those who merely study and treat the effects of disease are like those who imagine that they can drive away the winter by brushing the snow from the door. It is not the snow that causes the winter, but the winter that causes the snow.

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Come and meet me and other practitioners in The Parkhouse Centre in Bude this Saturday 20th June for a free chat or consultation with a cup of tea and (I am hoping) a piece of cake. Please click the above for details – be nice to see you.

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Come and meet me and other practitioners in The Parkhouse Centre in Bude this Saturday 20th June for a free chat or consultation with a cup of tea and (I am hoping) a piece of cake. Please click the above for details – be nice to see you.

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It has struck me that both with my practice of Tai Chi and of Homeopathy I am asking people to relax and maybe that is not easy to do!

In Tai Chi, the basic philosophy and start is to relax the body: relax, relax, relax! With Homeopathy, people come with a dis-ease, they are not relaxed, often tense and in my sessions where I listen and receive their case I am in effect asking them to relax and show me what ails them. In both cases, I think relaxation is hard work. Our bodes respond to stresses and strains with tension, stiffness and holding, so how can we simply just let that go? I would say, gradually, gradually, gradually. That’s why it takes a few sessions of Homeopathy to see what really needs to be treated in a holistic sense and why it is good to practice Tai Chi (or something similar) every day. We need to make “energetic progress in the good” each day and that could be anything and is probably individual to each person though we are all connected.

I am a fellow sufferer – I too find it hard to relax and I ask myself what is it that really needs relaxing? At the root I reckon, Wolfe Lowenthal is right, it is probably fear in it’s many guises. Fear stops us just being and “just being” is relaxing and promotes vitality. So, it is good to find something that helps you just to be and if you find it, practice it daily, gradually, incrementally and in the right spirit.

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sohFrontFind all the latest research into Homeopathy on the Society of Homeopaths website here.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances with the aim of supporting the body’s natural system of healing. Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient. Homeopathic medicines (often called remedies) are prepared by specialist pharmacies using a careful process of dilution and succussion (a specific form of vigorous shaking).

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cheng_man-chingNew Tai Chi classes are starting this January. I have a Day class on a Wednesday starting at 10.30am (for an hour) and an Evening class from 7pm for an hour and a half. Both classes are open to new students from complete beginners or to those with experience too. Please see my Tai Chi site for more details.

Exercise is something we all need to do for health and wellbeing. For me this is Tai Chi as I love the mediation in movement concept. For others it may well be yoga. Walking in the fresh air is also not be beaten. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy pointed out for a remedy to work well we need a good diet, air and exercise! Happy New Year to you all!

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I have changed the name of this Blog from “Phil’s Homeopathy Blog” to Vital Medicine Blog to accompany my website: vitalmedicine.co.uk. I will still post passionately about Homeopathy but it will also reflect my other vital ingredients; exercise (for me Tai Chi – see vitaltaichi.co.uk) and diet/lifestyle (Naturopathic Nutrition).

What is vital, I ask myself in my life at this time? For me it’s good health and dare I say longevity – enjoying health the older one gets!? How to achieve good health or as Homeopaths would say, good vitality? When you become ill, for me it is important to use a medicine that is Holistic and treats the whole person, not just the disease as this can maintain vitality not weaken. Preventative treatment can increase vitality too as can exercise. Whilst I love walking, cycling and surfing the daily practice of Tai Chi Chuan and QiGong especially are designed to increase health and wellbeing which leads to greater vitality.  Do check out my website to understand what these practices are if you wish to know more. Fort some it might be yoga, meditation etc Sometimes though the structure; the building blocks with which we have to work with need replenishing;  understanding good nutrition and changing our lifestyle means we give ourselves the best chance to heal. I am a fellow sufferer, so I simply offer my own view. For you, “vital medicine” might equal other things, mixes and combinations!