New Tai Chi classes this January

cheng_man-chingNew Tai Chi classes are starting this January. I have a Day class on a Wednesday starting at 10.30am (for an hour) and an Evening class from 7pm for an hour and a half. Both classes are open to new students from complete beginners or to those with experience too. Please see my Tai Chi site for more details.

Exercise is something we all need to do for health and wellbeing. For me this is Tai Chi as I love the mediation in movement concept. For others it may well be yoga. Walking in the fresh air is also not be beaten. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy pointed out for a remedy to work well we need a good diet, air and exercise! Happy New Year to you all!

Tai Chi Class starting!

tai-chi-symbolExciting news – I am going to start a Tai Chi class in September in St Mary’s church. More details to follow, but if you would like to join the group then please do e-mail me or contact me via my website link.

Tai Chi is a soft style martial art which is about cultivating chi or internal energy. As a beginner you will learn to relax your body and mind becoming centered and more grounded. There will be Chi Kung exercises, “sticking” or partner work, push-hands and genuine short-form teaching in lineage from Chen Man Ching.