Good news!

The Society of Homeopaths welcomes the Government’s response to the Science and Technology Committee report: Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy.

In particular, the Society is glad to see the Government place the emphasis on Primary Care Trusts to choose whether to provide homeopathy on the NHS, taking account of local need. The Society supports patients’ right to choose homeopathy as a treatment option.

Zofia Dymitr, Society Chairwoman said: “We fully endorse the government’s statement “The Department of Health wholly supports the concept of the informed patient. The Society is aware of patient demand for homeopathy, and respects patients’ capacity to make informed choices about their healthcare.”

Society of Homeopaths registered members (RSHoms) meet robust education and registration standards and agree to practice in accordance with the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Society would like to see more patients having access to homeopathy on the NHS, and can provide the evidence that homeopathy is an effective and cost effective treatment option.

The Society also welcomes the report’s acknowledgement of the long tradition homeopathy has enjoyed in Europe, and that this Government, in line with EU policy, does not wish to constrain consumer choice, or to regulate homeopathic medicines at UK level.

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