Why is Homeopathy so vital?

Vital sparkVitalism is the idea that every living thing has energy and is connected. Read anything about modern quantum physics and it makes sense. The materialists, who think that the world is simply made up of physical stuff do not understand how Homeopathy can work because it has no matter in it. This is true: above 12C potency there are no molecules left. Yet Homeopathy works, so for the materialists they must find a better explanation. So, they say Homeopathy works as a placebo – you take it, think you will get better and so do. However, Homeopathy works well on animals and children and so this discounts the placebo effect. Most experienced Homeopaths can tell the difference between a placebo effect and their remedies working well. So, Homeopathy must work because you talk to a Homeopath like a counsellor about your woes and so you get better. There is no doubt that the therapeutic relationship or healing space is extremely important for wellbeing, but it doesn’t explain the improvement or removal of physical symptoms that we see as practitioners. Another argument is that people get better anyway – most chronic disease has acute flare ups and gets better of its own accord. However, many studies such as the Bristol Homeopathic Hospital patient study, show people are significantly improved in their chronic illness itself, not just the flare -ups. So, for me, the materialists will one day be viewed as the “flat-earthers”. By which I mean, at one point scientists thought and argued the world was flat, as now they argue our remedies contain nothing, when we know they must contain the vital spark of the substance made potent and dynamised. We are beings with the spark of life in us, all connected on this beautiful planet in this amazing solar system. Homeopathy is a medicine that recognises that and that is why it is vital.Let’s not forget, electricity is not fully understood yet by scientists and we use it every day!

Winter Solstice

As a Homeopath I have often witnessed and experienced people getting ill at the turns of the seasons. It is as if we find these changes of season difficult. As our response to change is one measure of health, I came across this poetic idea, which I thought might make a useful mantra at this time of year:

Take into your heart the sweet balm of nature performing its perennial dance of time!

Health – diet – exercise!

I have come to understand that to be fully healthy in all respects at some point you have to address your diet and exercise. In this respect I have started a Naturopathic nutrition course and quote the following from Hippocrates:

For me, the best exercise in the world is my lifelong love of Tai Chi Chuan.  Tai Chi is vitalistic in nature much like Homeopathy treatment. It always astounds me that people don’t understand the vitalistic nature of true medicine as everyone can feel when their vitality drops or does not feel normal when they are ill.

So, for me there is the triumvirate of health: Homeopathy, Nutrition and Tai Chi.