Dr Sara Eames Argues the Case for Homeopathy on the NHS

Hx NHSA long held hope of mine!

The Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt told the BBC that he does not support homeopathy, choosing instead to “follow what the scientific evidence says”.
But Homeopathy has its coutless supporters, who maintain that it does work.

So should the NHS be offering homeopathic treatments to its patients?

Dr Sara Eames, President of the Faculty of Homeopathy, and UCL pharmacologist Professor David Colquhoun shared their views with BBC Radio 5 live’s Breakfast.

To listen to the interview please follow this link:


Access to Homeopathy threat – act now please!

Your Access to Homeopathy is Under Threat

The medicines act is being simplified which could adversely affect your access to homeopathic medicines within the UK. If the current proposals of the MHRA are endorsed by the government the following would occur:

1. You would no longer be able to get homoepathic medicines by telephone or online.

2. Homeopaths would no longer be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you.

3. You would have to get your homeopathic medicines personally from a handful of licenced homeopathic pharmacies in Britain.

You can stop this from happening by contacting your local MP and expressing your disapproval. This will be particularly effective if your MP sits on the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments or is involved with Health or Pharmacy. You can contact your MP by using the following link: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/ You can find out who sits on the committee by using this link: http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/joint-select/statutory-instruments/membership/ Please help us to stop the MHRA from limiting our choices of access to alternative health care – sign the petition below


Homeopathy worked for me!

The Homeopathy Action Trust, has created a Facebook page called Homeopathy Worked for Me. It is a venture supported by the School of Homeopathy, all the UK registering bodies, and many other homeopathic organisations.

The aim of this page is to reach tens of thousands of LIKES – people who agree to the page’s content. This would be great for homeopathy – but we all need to get behind it. Please take a moment to go online and LIKE the page, please note that you do need a Facebook profile to do this!

The link is here: www.facebook.com/HoWFMe


Or you can vist the page by clicking here

Access to Homeopathic remedies is under threat!

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is carrying out a consolidation and review of the laws regulating medicines in the UK. If one of their proposals is made law, you could not buy Homeopathic remedies online or by mail – it would have to be face to face in person with a Pharmacy! Write (e-mail)  to your local MP if you want to make a difference!

It seems that there is an orchestrated campaign against homeopathy. The problem with Homeopathy is that science does not currently understand how it works and so thinks therefore, that it cannot. I am reminded that scientists once thought the world was flat! One day when said science catches up with discoveries in physics we will know. But, in the meantime I am reminded of this quote:

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 – 1860)


PMC is a free full-text archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). Check it out – fascinating stuff! I’m suing this site as I have started training as a Naturopathic nutritonist, but there is a wealth of research information there on Homeopathy too.

Viva Cuba: massive Homeopathic experiment results

Homeopathic ‘vaccine’ tested on 2.3 million Cubans appears to be effective in controlling Leptospirosis epidemic

Leptospirosis is a potentially-fatal infectious disease caused by exposure to contaminated water. During a 2007 epidemic in Cuba, a homeopathic medicine was given to 2.3 million people at high risk of infection, while the remaining 8.8 million population were untreated. In this study by Brach et al Bracho G et al. Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. Homeopathy, 2010; 99: 156-166 , the largest-ever research study assessing a homeopathic medicine, the homeopathic treatment was “strongly associated with a drastic reduction of disease incidence resulting in complete control of the epidemic.”

Results of Cuban study
Total population 11 million
Rates of infection in
2007 epidemic
Rates of infection in
2008 epidemic
(compared with 2007)
Untreated provinces
(population 8.8 million)
As predicted
Increase of 22%
Provinces given
homeopathic treatment
(population 2.3 million)
Significantly lower than predicted +
epidemic “completely controlled”
Decrease of 84%

These results suggest Homeoprophylaxis as a ‘feasible tool for epidemic control’ and the authors call for further research.

Good news!

The Society of Homeopaths welcomes the Government’s response to the Science and Technology Committee report: Evidence Check 2: Homeopathy.

In particular, the Society is glad to see the Government place the emphasis on Primary Care Trusts to choose whether to provide homeopathy on the NHS, taking account of local need. The Society supports patients’ right to choose homeopathy as a treatment option.

Zofia Dymitr, Society Chairwoman said: “We fully endorse the government’s statement “The Department of Health wholly supports the concept of the informed patient. The Society is aware of patient demand for homeopathy, and respects patients’ capacity to make informed choices about their healthcare.”

Society of Homeopaths registered members (RSHoms) meet robust education and registration standards and agree to practice in accordance with the Society’s Code of Ethics. The Society would like to see more patients having access to homeopathy on the NHS, and can provide the evidence that homeopathy is an effective and cost effective treatment option.

The Society also welcomes the report’s acknowledgement of the long tradition homeopathy has enjoyed in Europe, and that this Government, in line with EU policy, does not wish to constrain consumer choice, or to regulate homeopathic medicines at UK level.

To see research evidence for homeopathy:

To see the full government response: http://www.dh.gov.uk/en/Publicationsandstatistics/Publications/PublicationsPolicyAndGuidance/DH_117810