Just relax…easy?

It has struck me that both with my practice of Tai Chi and of Homeopathy I am asking people to relax and maybe that is not easy to do!

In Tai Chi, the basic philosophy and start is to relax the body: relax, relax, relax! With Homeopathy, people come with a dis-ease, they are not relaxed, often tense and in my sessions where I listen and receive their case I am in effect asking them to relax and show me what ails them. In both cases, I think relaxation is hard work. Our bodes respond to stresses and strains with tension, stiffness and holding, so how can we simply just let that go? I would say, gradually, gradually, gradually. That’s why it takes a few sessions of Homeopathy to see what really needs to be treated in a holistic sense and why it is good to practice Tai Chi (or something similar) every day. We need to make “energetic progress in the good” each day and that could be anything and is probably individual to each person though we are all connected.

I am a fellow sufferer – I too find it hard to relax and I ask myself what is it that really needs relaxing? At the root I reckon, Wolfe Lowenthal is right, it is probably fear in it’s many guises. Fear stops us just being and “just being” is relaxing and promotes vitality. So, it is good to find something that helps you just to be and if you find it, practice it daily, gradually, incrementally and in the right spirit.