Prince Charles Congratulates Homeopathy School’s Success

The School of Homeopathy where I studied, held an historic event in Stroud to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. Many of the world’s leading homeopaths came to show support and give presentations and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales sent his warmest congratulations:

“I did just want to send my warmest possible congratulations in celebration of the Stroud School of Homeopathy’s 30th Anniversary. It seems to me this most noteworthy of events takes on an even greater resonance, coming as it does at a time when, sadly, we have been witnessing the relative decline of some homeopathic services in different parts of the United Kingdom.

It makes the achievements of the School even more significant – from being one of the first in this country to offer an on-site, four year programme, to developing an extensive clinical supervision process and, in addition, creating a home-study programme which reaches students in over sixty countries.

It seems remarkable all this has happened in spite of the apparently ceaseless attacks on homeopathy, and on the individuals attempting to build credibility around its patient outcomes, and I can only wish you every possible success in the years to come.”

New Homeopathic remedies

New remedies are “proved” all the time and add exciting new possibilities into our collection of remedies called Materia Medica. The College where I studied proves a new remedy each year, with Homeopathic students as guinea pigs! New remedies over recent years include Agathis Australis, the giant Kauri tree of New Zealand. Another is a remedy I have come to use often – Falco Peregrinus Disciplinatus or a trained Peregrine Falcon. Another is Carbon fullerenum or as it is often known Bucky Balls or Carbon 60. Nature with it’s flora and fauna gives us a great supply of possibilities!

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