Access to Homeopathy threat – act now please!

Your Access to Homeopathy is Under Threat

The medicines act is being simplified which could adversely affect your access to homeopathic medicines within the UK. If the current proposals of the MHRA are endorsed by the government the following would occur:

1. You would no longer be able to get homoepathic medicines by telephone or online.

2. Homeopaths would no longer be able to dispense or prescribe medicines to you.

3. You would have to get your homeopathic medicines personally from a handful of licenced homeopathic pharmacies in Britain.

You can stop this from happening by contacting your local MP and expressing your disapproval. This will be particularly effective if your MP sits on the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments or is involved with Health or Pharmacy. You can contact your MP by using the following link: You can find out who sits on the committee by using this link: Please help us to stop the MHRA from limiting our choices of access to alternative health care – sign the petition below